LS Hospitality provides comprehensive functionalities to handle the process needs of a restaurant business.

Some of its features are:

Recipes Management

Define recipes, its ingredients, its measure, method of preparation to ensure standardisation. Manage prices for multiple menus (Restaurant, Bar, Take-away, Express counters).


With LS Hospitality, quick order taking and payment at the POS terminal. With Cash management support, have multiple change tendering options to minimise loss. Quickly update customer loyalty points at POS with integrated CRM. Immediate transfer of orders to the kitchen displays or printers ensures quick and effective service to your customers.

Kitchen Management

Ensure organized kitchen and control over orders with LS Hospitality. The Kitchen Management System provides graphical orientation and real-time information about the status of customers’ orders that flow from the POS terminal to the kitchen.

Centralised Restaurant Management

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Omni Retail

With LS Hospitality, enable order taking from Restaurants or Outlets, Portals or Mobile.

Integrated ERP

Apart from Restaurant operations, enable integrated operations of business functions such as Procurements, Inventory Control, Equipment Maintenance, Financial Management, Payroll, Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Top 3 reasons to look at LS Hospitality

Removes Complexity - Increases Speed & Service

With automatic flow of Orders to Kitchen, LS Hospitality removes ambiguity and helps in improving speed and service to customers. Integrated information ensures accurate billing to clients.

Repeat Great Experiences - Delight Customers

By standardising kitchens across outlets, give the same dining experience to your customers. Through centralised CRM, delight customers by by knowing their preferences beforehand.

Single Architecture - Integrated business operations

With a single architecture on Dynamics NAV, LS Hospitality helps you plan & optimise procurements, optimise inventory levels, enhance customer relationships, automatically account & accurately forecast & manage employees.

With LSR Retail your different restaurants are maintained as separate profit centers but the ERP architecture enable you to have centralized and overall reporting for you entire enterprise.

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