Agrivi is an agri-tech company founded by IT business professionals with agricultural experience and strong understanding of the way the market flows when it comes to creating a connection between information technology and agricultural production. The enterprise started with a vision to solve a market need for a unified and complete solution for managing crop production that is available and affordable for farmers of all sizes.

Agrivi Farm Management is a modern cloud solution which provides farms with the following advantages:

  • Production process management
  • Supply and finance management
  • Weather tracking
  • Smart pest alarms
  • Advanced reporting and analysis
  • Access to real time data from any computer, anywhere

Agrivi is also focusing on an increase in productivity by enabling the customer to push specific production practices for each of the crops being grown towards each of the individual farms. Combination of best practice processes and methodical input management will increase productivity of the farmers, enforce usage of latest knowledge and allow farmer segmentation based on productivity, geographical location, crops being grown and other desired KPI’s.
We strongly believe we are the desired technical partner in farm management software sector as our solution uses a unique approach on the market, is completely flexible as a tailor built product in case of any additional development which may be required by the customer.

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