Agricultural Systems

Kenya is said to be an agricultural country.  Over 50% of the population is said to earn directly or indirectly from agriculture.  The key, they say is in our youth, and engaging them into accepting that “farming is cool”, to use an adage.  It is also keen to note that only 9% of the current population is over the age of 50!

Do our youth use systems in the hustles?  Do the laws encourage people to us systems?  I know, there’s an app for everything.  Do free apps really work for you?  Are basic app functions enough for users?  Just how many people believe in these systems?

All this continuously goes through my mind.  I have an opportunity.  Is it the right one?  What do I need to invest?  Is the return worth the investment?  Is there an adequate client base?  Is there a real need for a system?  All this just runs through my mind.  However, why not take a look for yourself and decide here.

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